House Passes Bill to Combat Opioid Crisis

May 31, 2017

There are very few families who have not been touched in some way by the devastating impact of an opioid overdose. It is a public health epidemic that affects every socio-economic class, every ethnic background and every age.

House Bill #7052 addresses a number of issues related to the opioid crisis. The legislation would increase the ease in which people can dispose of unused prescriptions and establish a marketing campaign on the opioid crisis and availability of overdose-reversal drugs like Narcan.

The legislation sets up a real-time online clearinghouse to identify available detox/recovery beds and other treatment programs and increases insurance coverage for detox programs. In addition it increases data sharing between state agencies regarding opioid abuse.

The bill allows patients to file a voluntary non-opioid form in their medical records indicating that they do not want to be prescribed or administered opioid drugs.

This bill is another step in the right direction in our fight to save lives from opioid abuse. It awaits action by the state Senate.