House Passes Minimum Wage Increase

May 10, 2019

Minimum wage workers are moving closer to a living wage. The House approved House Bill 5004 to increase the minimum wage incrementally over the next few years to $15 in 2023.

No one who works full-time should have to live in poverty, but many of our state’s full-time workers struggle to support themselves and their families because wages are too low and have not been increased from $10.10 since 2017.

Increasing the minimum wage would protect low-wage workers, help to strengthen economic security, increase their purchasing power and would enhance the state’s economy – more spending power by people earning minimum wage means more spending.

The minimum wage will increase, in a four-year rollout, to $11.00 in 2019, $12.00 in 2020, $13.00 in 2021, $14.00 in 2022 and $15.00 in 2023.

The bill passed 85 to 59 and now goes to the Senate for approval.