Recognize Rights of Adoptees

November 2, 2017

It's an unfortunate fact that a promise can be made in one century that cannot be honored in another.

The concept of human rights has expanded. Treating people differently because of the circumstances of their birth is no longer tolerated. It is time for adoptees, like everyone else, to have access to their original birth certificates.

The fact that a date of birth can determine whether or not an adoptee can access his/her original birth certificate just adds to the arbitrariness of the current partial ban on adoptees accessing their original birth certificates.

Advances in understanding of the genetic component of diseases make it imperative for us know information about our birth families. Most physicians' intake forms contain questions concerning family disease history, and causes of death and ages at death for family members for that reason.

Finally, some people cannot rest until they know their roots. The state should not maintain outmoded, unnecessary, and discriminatory roadblocks which thwart personal fulfillment and create anguish.