An Update on Crumbling Foundations

March 21, 2019

As many of you know, crumbling foundations has been an issue I have been focused on prior to and throughout the 2019 Legislative Session. This week, there were two updates that I wanted to share with you:

The first, Congressman Courtney announced Tuesday that he has received approval of $480,000 in federal Community Development Block Grants funds to support testing of crumbling foundations in Ellington, Stafford, and Vernon. As Congressman Courtney stated in his statement on Tuesday, “We cannot afford to leave any option off the table as we move forward, and I will continue to work with local, state and federal officials to bring resources like these to our region.”

The second is that recently a fellow representative was contacted by a crumbling foundation homeowner who received a non-renewal notice as their insurance agent no longer represents the insurance carrier. After speaking with the Connecticut Department of Insurance, an investigation was opened as to how this happened and why proper steps were not taken to ensure the homeowner continued their policy.

If you believe your insurance has been improperly cancelled, non-renewed or declined, please contact the Department of Insurance immediately. Under no circumstance should an insurance carrier be allowed to non-renew a policy as a result of a foundation found to be crumbling or deteriorating. This is ongoing investigation, but I assure you that along with Governor Lamont, Insurance Commissioner-designate Mais will be working with all stakeholders to continue to help impacted homeowners.