Dear neighbors,

This year we passed new legislation that will shape our state as we move forward. The headline from the session is the additional $3 million in funding for our schools over what we received last year.

We worked on policies that support small businesses, workforce development and make our state a place that we can proudly raise our families. I am committed to fighting for you to build a bright future for Connecticut.

I was happy to discuss issues that were important to you through office hours, your emails, and phone calls.

I hope you find the enclosed information helpful. Please don’t hesitate to keep in contact if I can be of service to you or your family. It is an honor to serve our community.


Bipartisan Budget

This session we passed another bipartisan budget that significantly increased funding for Stratford. The highlights from the budget include:

  • No income, sales or other state tax increases
  • Restores $3 million in Education Cost Sharing Dollars to Stratford
  • Restores funding to Medicare Savings Program that helps low income elderly individuals and the disabled pay for the cost of medicine and health care premiums
  • Restores partial funding to the Energy Efficiency Fund and developmental services
  • Prevents funding cuts to the Greater Bridgeport Transit system
  • Maintains the “Rainy Day” Fund reserves at the highest level in over a decade

Fighting The Opioid Epidemic

In the ongoing fight against opioid abuse, the legislature approved a number of initiatives aimed at curbing use and saving lives. The new law prohibits prescribers from writing prescriptions for immediate family members and promotes increased use of overdose-reversing treatments like Narcan.

Reducing Prescription Drug Costs

Recognizing that prescription drug prices are the number one driver of rising healthcare costs, we passed legislation to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable by increasing transparency and requiring them to explain large price increases for drugs that have a substantial cost to the state. Additionally, insurance companies must now submit information about which drugs are most frequently prescribed and which are provided at the greatest cost. By collecting more data and holding drug companies accountable, we can get closer to lowering drug costs for Connecticut residents.

Special Transportation Fund (STF) Stabilized

This session we worked on properly keeping our transportation projects on track for the near future by moving new car sales tax revenues to the Special Transportation fund (STF). This avoids transit district cuts, any fare increases and keeps transportation projects on schedule. Funding for our roads, bridges and overall infrastructure will make us a competitive force in the economic arena.

Pay Equity

Women still earn less than men. This inequity is perpetuated by the practice of asking for salary history during the hiring process, ensuring that women who were underpaid at their first job continue to be underpaid. This session we strengthened our pay equity laws by preventing employers from asking about wage history.

Bump Stocks

This session we took another step to build on our state’s strong commitment to gun violence prevention by banning bump stocks. Known for its use in the gruesome shooting in Las Vegas last year, these devices dramatically increase a gun’s destructive power by increasing its rate of fire. We responded by making it a crime to own or sell a bump stock, and other rate of fire enhancements.

Stratford Horseshoe Crab Harvest Ban

I am proud to have joined the Stratford delegation’s efforts to prohibit the taking of horseshoe crabs between Short Beach and Stratford Point. Preventing the harvest of adult horseshoe crabs allows the crabs to spawn in a protected area. Horseshoe crab blood is crucial to the purity of vaccines we receive.

Capitol Update 2018 (pdf)