Dear Neighbor,

The 2019 legislative session has ended and I am pleased we moved the ball forward on many of the issues I’ve heard from all of you.

We passed a budget that makes critical investments in education and provides fiscal stability with no income or broad based sales tax increase, or cuts to municipal aid. This budget is not only balanced, but protects taxpayers into the future. We also included protections for our most vulnerable, investing in the middle class, and encouraging economic growth for Connecticut.

As House Chair of the Energy and Technology Committee, I am proud to have led debates on important measures that will lay the ground work towards sustainable green initiatives and the creation of green jobs. The investments we make today in renewable energy and new technologies like off shore wind and 5G will help us achieve some of our long term energy and technology goals, which are critical components to our economy and workforce.

I appreciate hearing from you about the issues that matter to you and yours and I look forward to continuing these conversations. Please do not hesitate to reach out by email, phone or social media.


David Arconti Jr.
State Representative

Mammogram Coverage

We all have a family member or know someone who has been affected by breast cancer and that’s one of the reasons I felt it was important to support legislation that will require health insurance coverage for breast ultrasounds for any woman who is 40 years or older. Coverage will be granted when the patient has a recommendation from her doctor, has a personal history of breast disease, through the biopsy of a benign tumor, or has a family or personal history of breast cancer. The measure also prohibits insurance from charging coinsurance, copayments, deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses for breast ultrasounds and mammograms. Additional legislation passed this year adds screening for inflammatory breast cancer and gastrointestinal cancers, including colon, gastric, pancreatic and neuroendocrine cancers and other rare gastrointestinal tumors, to the required continuing education courses for physicians. It’s important that we reduce the chances that our loved ones will be misdiagnosed and will save lives.

Background Checks For Caregivers

We want to keep bad people away from caring for our loved ones. We expanded access to background checks to help identify potentially dangerous individuals seeking jobs that have contact with our elderly population. We have charged the Commission on Women, Children and Seniors to convene a working group to develop strategies raising public awareness about this information on caregivers.

Fighting Invasive Species In Our Waterways

With the state’s many lakes, especially Candlewood lake in our area, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that we are protecting our waterways from invasive species brought in on boats. Legislation we passed, establishes a fee collected from in-state and out-of-state owners of registered boats that will go toward fighting aquatic invasive species in our waterways. The bill also authorizes DEEP environmental conservation police to enforce municipal noise ordinances on the waters of Candlewood Lake for any bordering town.

Making CT A Great Place To Live

I am pleased that this year we passed a biennial state budget not only on time, but under our constitutional spending cap. We were able to make several important advancements including additional funds for K-12 schools and community colleges, and removing the income tax on Social Security income.

This budget has no increase in income tax rates and no broad-based increases in sales tax rates while still making targeted investments in programs you care about like workforce development, public education, and providing support for our seniors.

We also worked to include long-term structural reforms that will help support our teachers’ pension fund, and reduce the cost of employee healthcare for the state.

These are critical investments that will help us improve our economy and maintain the quality of life we enjoy in Connecticut.

Our budget:

  • Maintains the tax exemptions for Social Security income and the phase-in of a tax exemption on pension income to make CT more affordable to seniors
  • Increases education funding
  • Protects the Care4Kids program
  • Re-opens highway rest stops
  • Repeals the Business Entity Tax starting next year
  • Increases access to health care
  • Provides a tax credit to craft beer breweries
  • Incentivizes purchasing a zero-emission car to reduce greenhouse gases
  • Protects the Medicare Savings Program, and increases funding for Meals
  • on Wheels
  • Establishes the Partnership for Connecticut, providing financial assistance to strengthen public education in Connecticut

Helping Students Choose Manufacturing

The need for highly skilled workers in the manufacturing field is just as important as it ever was and vital to getting Connecticut’s economy on track with high paying jobs. To make sure we have the best trained workers to meet the specific hiring needs of manufactures in our state, we passed several measures aimed at encouraging students to enter this field. Now, guidance and school counselors will be required to provide materials concerning manufacturing, military and law enforcement careers to students. Additionally, we expanded the advanced manufacturing certificate program to local high schools to provide juniors and seniors with experience towards an advanced manufacturing certificate. The measure also increases access to adults to take night and weekend classes to earn their certificates.

Danbury State Funding

  FY 20 FY 21
PILOT: State-Owned Real Property $1,597,717 $1,597,717
PILOT: Colleges & Hospitals $1,401,114 $1,401,114
Municipal Stabilization Grant $1,218,855 $1,218,855
Mashantucket Pequot And
Mohegan Fund Grant
$678,398 $678,398
Adult Education $243,184 $243,184
Education Cost Sharing $35,015,511 $37,738,805
Total $40,154,779 $42,878,073

Municipal Redevelopment Authority

Connecticut must improve the way we use our urban areas and help promote alternatives that complement our thriving suburban areas. We established a new quasi-public Municipal Redevelopment Authority (MRDA) to help our municipalities develop property and manage our facilities that promote new opportunities for work and transit. The group will focus on areas surrounding our transit stations and downtown areas to stimulate related economic developments.

Capitol Update 2019 (pdf)