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Following Legislation


Interested in a policy topic or specific bill before the General Assembly? You can sign up for the General Assembly's free tracking service to follow bills through the entire legislative process. The bill tracking system will link you to testimony, vote tally sheets, and more. Visit to register today!


Our work is only as good as the input we receive from constituents. Your participation in the legislative process is important and your testimony guides lawmakers in creating responsive policy solutions to the problems facing our state. The 2021 General Assembly is making it easier and more convenient than ever for you to share your thoughts through technology:

  • Review the Bulletin in (under CGA daily records) and check to see which committees are having public hearings featuring bills of interest.
  • When a date/time for a public hearing is available for a bill, go to the respective committee link to sign up to testify during the hearing or to submit written testimony

Types of Testimony

Farrar Testimony Types

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How do I view a legislative proceeding? (Signing up to watch)

The 2021 legislative session is underway and because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the legislature will be taking an unconventional, virtual approach to public hearings and meetings.

To watch every public hearing and committee meeting live, visit the official General Assembly Youtube channel for each committee (accessible at under the "CGA Live Streaming Feeds" heading).

The Connecticut Network (CT-N) also provides real-time coverage of many public hearings and meetings that allows the public to view proceedings as they happen. CT-N provides a calendar of meetings and the ability to sign up for meeting alerts.

You may go to to view live and previous meetings

You may also sign up for CT-N meeting notices

Committee YouTube Channel Listings

Farrar Committee YouTube Channels

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Committee Contact Information

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Aging        appropriations committe
Banking       Commerce Committee

Education       Energy and Technology Committee


Environment Committee       Executive Noms Committee


Finance Committee       GAE Committee 


General Law Committee       Higher Education Committee


Human Services Committee       Housing Committee


Insurance and Real Estate Commitee       Judiciary Committee


Children's Commitee       Labor Committee


Planning and Development       Public Health Committee


Public Safety Committee       Transportation Committee


Veterans Committee