Dear Neighbor,

It has been my pleasure to be your voice in Hartford during the 2017 Session of the General Assembly. Here at the legislature, we are responsible for writing laws and determining policies that govern the State of Connecticut.

As a taxpayer and consumer, I understand the need for efficient government. As a legislator, I know our duty is to protect children, assist our elderly in health care and housing, provide for public safety and create a climate positive to business and workers alike.

As your State Representative, I will continue to work hard to make the changes we need to make life better for all of us in Hartford and the state.

This newsletter will bring you up to date on what we did regarding some of these issues.

Thank you once again for the opportunity to serve as your State Representative. I hope to continue my efforts on your behalf in the future.


All of our hearts broke when we heard of the news about Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and devastation in Puerto Rico. Knowing that we all wanted to do something to help friends, family and those impacted on the Island, I helped organize a group of Latino Legislators for Hurricane Relief, which was able to collect monetary donations and items that go directly to the citizens. Thank you to all who helped donate as we begin to heal and recover from all that was lost.

Strengthening Domestic Violence Laws

Connecticut has long been a leader in addressing intimate partner violence with strong policies that strengthen victim safety and increase offender accountability. With this bill, we continue to update our laws to reflect national best-practices by: expanding existing laws on strangulation and stalking; acknowledging the use of social media as a modern means for stalking; increasing the penalty for committing a family violence crime while on probation; and requiring a presentence investigation for anyone convicted of a family violence felony to take into account, among other things, the circumstances of the offense and victim’s attitude.

Childcare for Working Families

With the State budget that passed we were able to restore funding to the Care 4 Kids child care subsidy program. This funding will allow for the program to reopen for enrollment and the program and begin to address the 5,769 families who have been on the waiting list. This is a program that helps low-income families afford safe, quality child care and allows parents to remain in the workforce.

Renters' Rebate

Renters' Rebate is an important program for our seniors and those who are totally disabled to be able to afford to stay in their homes. An unfortunate change that came with the state budget was transferring the administration of the renters' rebate program to the towns. Upon learning about the delay this would cause, I immediately put pressure on legislative leaders to restore the program to the way it worked in prior years. And we were successful in doing so! Approved renters should expect to receive checks similar to last year’s in December.

Social Security Tax Exemption For Seniors

As a part of the budget, we passed a provision phasing in an exemption of social security and pensions from the state income tax starting in 2019. This will help provide much needed tax relief to those who most need it and allow them to keep more of their own money.

Capitol Update 2017 (pdf)