Cracking Down on Street Takeovers

April 19, 2024

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives took bipartisan and unanimous action to help cities and towns regain control of their streets as we voted 148-0 to pass HB 5413 to control takeovers, which have proven to be a concern for many of our residents.

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"Go-to-High-School, Go-to-College" Annual College Readiness Conference

April 16, 2024

The BSL Educational Foundation is inviting high school students to participate in the annual "Go-to-High-School, Go-to-College" Annual College Readiness Conference at the University of Hartford on April 20. The "Go-to-High-School, Go-to-College" program, established in 1922, concentrates on the importance of completing secondary and collegiate education as a road to advancement.

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Millions Approved in Home Heating Assistance

February 14, 2024

Today we approved $17 million in additional cold weather heating assistance funds – many residents and families who receive assistance through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) or Operation Fuel will have access to funds to ensure they can heat their homes through the cold weather season.

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