State Representative Cristin McCarthy Vahey represents Fairfield's 133rd Assembly District. She is House Chair of the Planning and Development Committee.

As both a legislator and a parent, Cristin is committed to ensuring children have access to a high quality public education. She has pioneered legation addressing how third parties can use student data, protecting student privacy.

Cristin is a member of the permanent Commission on Economic Competitiveness, which analyzes the implications of state tax policy on business and industry in order to develop policy recommendations that promote economic growth and prosperity in the state.

A social worker, Cristin previously worked with Casey Family Services to help older youths in foster care achieve permanence through adoption. She also served as co-chair of the Fairfield Cares Community Coalition, which works to prevent suicide and substance abuse among teens.

Educated at the University of Notre Dame and the University of Washington, She and her husband, Brian share the joy of raising three children, all of whom attend or have been through Fairfield Public Schools.