Array Rx Prescription Drug Discount Card Coming October 2

September 18, 2023

Connecticut is about to take a transformative step toward making prescription drugs more affordable for all.

On Oct. 2, all Connecticut residents will be eligible to sign up for ArrayRx, a prescription drug discount card program that provides up to 80% off certain prescriptions at nearly all pharmacies in the state.

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Metro-North New Canaan Branch Line Resumes September 2

August 28, 2023

Train service on the Metro-North New Canaan Branch Line will resume on Saturday, September 2 with the 6:28 a.m. train. Over the last several months, a track improvement project was underway along the line. Now that the project is complete, an existing speed restriction in the Stamford area has been eliminated, allowing trains to travel 20 miles per hour faster through this section.

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Additional SNAP Benefits for CT's Children

August 11, 2023

The Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS), in consultation with the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE), has announced that $8.8 million in special food assistance benefits is scheduled to be distributed Sunday, August 13, 2023, to the families of 57,313 children under age 6 who are enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

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