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Bills on domestic violence, incarcerated women get final approval
The Connecticut Mirror – May 3, 2018
State Rep. Robyn Porter applauded the House's passage of a bill that would implement a broad strategy to reverse a longstanding philosophy of “dual arrests” effectively imposed on police departments by existing law.

Bills addressing victim arrests in domestic violence, treatment of female prisoners headed to gov
CTNewsJunkie – May 3, 2018
The state House of Representatives passed a bill that would require law enforcement to be trained to identify the primary aggressor in a domestic violence. State Rep. Robyn Porter said no victim should ever have to worry about being a victim when they call the police.

State House OK's ban on bump stocks
The New Haven Register – May 1, 2018
The state House of Representatives took a step toward addressing the national epidemic of gun violence by passing legislation that bans bump stocks. State Rep. Robyn Porter said good, strong gun control laws help decrease crime and help save lives.

Progressives form a caucus, get ready to challenge opposing views
CTNewsJunkie – April 25, 2018
Thirty-one House Democrats formed a caucus and announced their intention to push a progressive agenda for social, economic, educational and criminal justice for all.

Pay equity sails through House
CTNewsJunkie – April 19, 2018
State Rep. Robyn Porter spearheaded House passage of House Bill 5386 which would strengthen pay equity legislation that has been on the books since 1963.

Connecticut House passes bipartisan pay equity bill
The Connecticut Mirror – April 19, 2018
State Rep. Robyn Porter said by passing House Bill 5386 it will help close the gender wage gap and empower women.

You can't be black while...
The New Haven Independent – April 18, 2018
State Rep. Robyn Porter held a panel discussion with National Geographic's Michael Fletcher on what it is like to be racially profiled during traffic stops.

Gun control bills go to Connecticut's full legislature
WNPR – April 3, 2018
State Rep. Robyn Porter said changing the state's gun laws can help make communities and residents safer.

Lawmakers advance bills banning bump stocks, 'ghost guns'
The Connecticut Mirror – April 3, 2018
Connecticut lawmakers voted to move forward legislation that would ban bump stocks and untraceable firearms called "ghost guns."

Bump stock ban bill moves to state House after vote
The Connecticut Post – April 3, 2018
State Rep. Robyn Porter said strengthening Connecticut's gun laws will help decrease crime.

Lawmakers, correction officials look to change treatment of female prisoners
CTNewsJunkie – March 28, 2018
State Rep. Robyn Porter and advocates are seeking to change how the state's Correction Department treats more than 900 female inmates in their custody.

Bill would provide fair treatment for incarcerated women, advocates say
The Hartford Courant – March 28, 2018
State Rep. Robyn Porter advocated in support of Senate Bill 13 which would provide for fair treatment of incarcerated women.

Fiscal panel's formula for revitalizing CT provokes Democratic resistance
The Connecticut Mirror – March 23, 2018
During a public hearing on a report produced by the state's new fiscal stability panel, state Rep. Robyn Porter said it is vital to address the inequalities present in Connecticut.

The constant fear of driving while black
National Geographic – March 14, 2018
State Rep. Robyn Porter shares her experience of being racially profiled during a traffic stop.

The Stop: Racial profiling of drivers leaves legacy of anger and fear
The Undefeated – March 14, 2018
State Rep. Robyn Porter helps put a spotlight on what it's like to be racially profiled during a traffic stop, and the subtle and not so subtle effects such incidents have on families and communities that are suffering from some degree of urban trauma.

Forum: Strong pay equity bill will equal a strong economy
The New Haven Register – March 8, 2018
State Reps. Robyn Porter and Derek Slap advocate for the passage of pay equity legislation.

Labor, Democratic lawmakers call for predictable schedules
CTNewsJunkie – March 6, 2018
State Rep. Robyn Porter advocated for the passage of a bill that would eliminate the practice of on-call scheduling for Connecticut's big box retail, food service, hospitality and nursing home workers.

Female lawmakers push to protect women's health coverage
The New Haven Independent – March 1, 2018
State Rep. Robyn Porter joined a team of women legislators to advocate for a bill that would preserve in Connecticut the 10 benefits established by the federal Affordable Health Care Act’s passage in 2010.

Bridgeport's Morton, state's first black female legislator, nominated to Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame
The Connecticut Post – February 23, 2018
State Rep. Robyn Porter joined state Sen. Marilyn Moore, and state Reps. Toni Walker and Patricia Billie-Miller to remember Margaret Morton's lasting impact. Morton, the first black woman to sit in the state legislature, was nominated to the Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame.

Delegation pushes pay equity, $15 wage
The New Haven Independent – February 15, 2018
During the 2018 legislative session, state Rep. Robyn Porter and members of the New Haven legislative delegation will be advocating for pay equity and increasing the minimum wage to $15.

Earned family leave bill takes first small step
The Hartford Courant – February 13, 2018
As chairwoman of the legislature's Labor and Public Employees Committee, state Rep. Robyn Porter saw a bill that would establish an earned family and medical leave system take its first step toward passage.

Democratic lawmakers present agenda ahead of new session
WFSB – February 6, 2018
During the 2018 legislative session, state Rep. Robyn Porter said she will advocate for increasing the minimum wage, establishing a paid family medical leave system and expanding access to health care. 

DeLauro, advocates in New Haven urge action on paid family medical leave legislation
The New Haven Register – February 5, 2018
State Rep. Robyn Porter said Connecticut needs to lead the charge on passing legislation that establishes paid family medical leave.

Female lawmakers will champion bills aimed at women's health
The Connecticut Mirror – January 22, 2018
State Reps. Robyn Porter, Cristin McCarthy Vahey, Caroline Simmons and Liz Linehan, and state Sen. Mae Flexer outlined plans to introduce several bills targeted at protecting women's health during a press conference Jan. 22.

Thousands take to Hartford's Bushnell Park for Women's March
The Hartford Courant – January 21, 2018
State Rep. Robyn Porter urged the thousands of people who rallied in Hartford's Bushnell Park for the second annual Women's March to take up issues that affect black women.

Porter challenges the Women's March
The New Haven Independent – January 21, 2018
During the second annual Women's March CT, state Rep. Robyn Porter challenged the crowd to examine its own actions toward black women and fight for issues that affect them.

House approves bipartisan budget with veto-proof majority
The Hartford Courant – October 26, 2017
During the 2017 budget debate, state Rep. Robyn Porter raised concerns about the lack of equitability and fairness included in the $41.3 billion approved spending package.

Porter outlines devastating effects of GOP budget plan on New Haven, Hamden
The New Haven Register – September 26, 2017
State Rep. Robyn Porter said the Republican-backed $40.68 billion spending package that was passed in the legislature would slash municipal aid, diminish funding for local and state independent colleges, and increase property taxes on motor vehicles by eliminating the car tax cap.

Community college cuts blasted
New Haven Independent – September 20, 2017
Under the Republicans’ budget proposal, the Roberta Willis scholarship program that helps thousands of students would be eliminated. The scholarship program helps pay for the education of about 15,000 students statewide. State Rep. Robyn Porter blasted this proposal and said this will have a devastating effect on our students and will negatively impact freshman enrollment at state colleges and universities.

Connecticut still far from legalizing pot
Yale Daily News – September 19, 2017
While legalizing the use of recreational marijuana would generate significant revenue for the state, it will also help address some of Connecticut inequality concerns, state Rep. Robyn Porter said.

Proponents of recreational cannabis say they are still short votes for legalization
CTNewsJunkie – September 12, 2017
State Rep. Robyn Porter continues to advocate for the legalization of recreational marijuana saying it is a social issue.

Connecticut bill that would help police buy body and dash cams moves to Senate
The New Haven Register – June 2, 2017
A bill that makes it easier for municipal police departments to access state funding for body and dash cameras has moved through the state House of Representatives for consideration by the Senate. State Rep. Robyn Porter, D-New Haven, said this legislation will not only help maintain safety for police officers and residents, but it will also restore public trust in law enforcement.

House passes protections for pregnant women in the workplace
The Connecticut Mirror – May 23, 2017
The House of Representatives voted 120-30 to pass a bill that would enact specific protections for pregnant women who are in the workplace or seeking employment.

Video of teenager’s fatal shooting may contradict initial police account
The New York Times – May 16, 2017
State Rep. Robyn Porter advocates for a bill she wrote that would speed up the investigative process and suspend officers in many cases involving the use of excessive force.

Lawmakers make late push for police accountability
The Connecticut Mirror – May 16, 2017
Following a police shooting in Bridgeport that left an unarmed 15-year-old boy dead, Democratic lawmakers advocate for more police accountability and transparency.

Gender pay equity bill passes – minus key wage-history provision
The Connecticut Mirror – April 12, 2017
A measure to promote pay equity among men and women advanced April 12 in the House of Representatives.

Prison reform advocates seek to end solitary confinement
The Hartford Courant – March 27, 2017
In recent years, Connecticut prisons have sharply reduced their use of solitary confinement. Through House Bill 7302, the legislature’s judiciary committee seeks to provide greater transparency around the use of solitary confinement as well as instituting new training and safety procedures for correctional officers.

New Connecticut law requiring guns be surrendered in restraining order cases takes effect Sunday
The New Haven Register – September 30, 2016
A new law will require a person to surrender their firearms if they are subject to a temporary restraining order. It further bars them from getting those guns back until there is a court hearing. State Rep. Robyn Porter, D-New Haven, said this law will ensure men and women won’t face the threat of gun violence in the most dangerous moments of their relationship.