Good News This Week For Connecticut

October 11, 2019

This week, I would first like to share some good news about the Connecticut economy! The State Comptroller, Kevin Lembo, projects a surplus for fiscal year 2020, showing that Connecticut has recovered from the recession and has a bright future. The private sector has more than recovered the jobs lost in the recession, and the numbers reflect that government jobs have shrunk. See more here.

On top of that, Hartford has been named one of America’s best places to raise a family, without going broke! cites the job sector: insurance jobs, tech startups, Fortune 500 firms, and ESPN; beautiful parks like Elizabeth Park and museums like the New Britain Museum of Art and the Wadsworth Atheneum; and reasonable housing costs! Learn more here.

Next, the Connecticut Office of Health Strategy has launched Healthscore, a new website created to help consumers easily compare the cost of a procedure and the quality of care. Medicaid and Medicare information will be added to the site soon, but it does not replace talking to your healthcare provider. Check out this website.