Danbury and Newtown Receive Grants

April 2, 2019

I am pleased to announce that Danbury and Newtown have received grants that will be used to strengthen local infrastructure and provide resources to law enforcement officials.

Investing in our transportation infrastructure is crucial to improving accessibility for the residents of the 2nd District. A strong transportation infrastructure translates into better quality of life and safety standards for the community.

The $1,043,770 grant awarded to Danbury will be used to support the Triangle Street and Crosby Street Connector over Still River. The $69,434 Newtown grant will fund body cameras and video storage devices for the town’s Police Department.

I would like to thank the State Bond Commission and Governor Lamont for investing in our community. Providing grants directly to towns and communities across the 2nd District specifically, and Connecticut in general, ensure that resources are making their way back to programs and initiatives that directly benefit our hardworking taxpayers.