My Votes on Cannabis-related Bills

March 25, 2019

I started this busy legislative week by voting on two cannabis related bills in the General Law Committee.

The bills were voted to move out of Committee, with my support, so it can be considered by the entire House. I continue to have questions about the actual implementation and the impact on communities and law enforcement across our District. I would like to give my legislative colleagues an opportunity to express their views on these bills before I make my final decision later this session. As this issue evolves, I will be sharing additional information.

HB 7287, An Act Concerning Revisions to the Medical Marijuana Program

The bill would amend palliative use of marijuana statutes by adding opioid use disorder as a debilitating medical condition and eliminating the qualifying patient and primary caregiver registration certificate fee.

HB 7371, An Act Concerning the Retail Sale of Cannabis

The bill will regulate the retail sale of cannabis. An important component of this bill which I strongly support includes the promotion and encouragement of “equity” participation (i.e., those who have been disproportionally harmed by cannabis prohibition and enforcement).

I know this issue is one in which a lot of constituents have strong feelings. I look forward to a robust debate and, most importantly, I’m eager to hear from you.