Passing Legislation to Protect our Children Among Other Bills

May 21, 2019

The House of Representatives pass the following bills today:

1. HB 7250, An Act Concerning the Improvement of Child Development Through Play

The bill requires the Board of Education to allocate twenty minutes of undirected play as an alternative to twenty minutes of physical exercise. Nothing in this bill prohibits a board from offering more than twenty minutes a day of undirected play or physical exercise.

It has been reported that a decline of play in schools has led to an increase in depression, anxiety, narcissism, and behavioral issues. Undirected play promotes social emotional and cognitive skills, providing an outlet for energy that allowed students to focus better in the classroom.

Thank you to KITE-Key Initiatives to Early Education for their advocacy and hard work. Protecting the well-being of our youth is our utmost priority.

2. HB 6939, An Act Concerning the Establishment of Municipal Cultural Districts

This bill allows municipalities to establish cultural districts to encourage economic development and promote tourism. According to public hearing testimonies, the bill would further aid in increasing visibility in the arts and culture arena in Connecticut. This would attract more visitors and businesses to the municipalities, which enables economic growth.

3. HB 5384, An Act Requiring the Elimination of Single-use Styrofoam Containers

The bill aims to address environmental and health concerns by prohibiting the use of polystyrene containers by restaurants and other food establishments. Polystyrene products are not easily recyclable and are not biodegradable. Additionally, many have argued that these products also have negative public health implications. When heated, the chemical components that make up polystyrene, styrene and benzene, are broken down and released. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, these chemicals are potential carcinogens.

We must protect our environment in order to make our towns a cultural district that attracts tourism, promoting economic prosperity.

I am proud of the bipartisan support we received on all the three bills.