Rep. Gresko Supporting Retired Teachers

April 8, 2016

State Representative Joe Gresko, a cosponsor of SB 380, An Act Concerning Exclusion of Student Performance Results on the Mastery Examination from Teacher Evaluations, talks with retired Stratford teacher Lynnette Baroni.

Retired Stratford teacher Lynnette Baroni for the first time attended the Retired Teachers’ Lobby Day at the State Capitol and said she was pleased to see that so many legislators understand the need to honor their commitments to retired teachers.

Baroni was able to meet directly with Representative Joe Gresko to discuss the need to preserve teachers’ pension and health care benefits and decouple SBAC from evaluations.

“He was personable and really seemed interested in hearing our point of view. I was very happy to hear him tell us that he supports our issues and is a cosponsor of SB 380,” she said.

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