Bill Bringing More Computer Science In Classrooms Goes To Governor

June 11, 2019

The House of Representatives on Wednesday approved legislation that will bring computer science into more classrooms. Governor Ned Lamont applauded our vote and said he will sign the bill into law. The Senate passed it last week.

The intent of SB 957 is to increase access to computer science in our K-12 schools by improving opportunities for teacher training in computer science. It does so by requiring that teacher preparation programs in the state provide grade-level appropriate training in computer science.

School counselors also will be required to consider computer science and STEM as part of a student’s success plan, which helps guide students’ academic and career choices.

With the enactment of this legislation we will help reduce the gender and racial gap in computer science and STEM by encouraging more female and minority students to study these fields in high school. The legislation is not a new mandate on school districts or towns and is intended to helps schools and teachers teach computer science.

The bill also requires the state to prepare a certification and endorsement for computer science teachers, along with new alternative routes to certification, which will increase the number of teachers who would teach this critical subject.