Rep. Farrar, Fellow Lawmakers, & Families Call for Permanent Refundable Child Tax Credit in CT

March 6, 2024

HARTFORD-- Representative Kate Farrar (West Hartford, Newington) held a press conference on Wednesday prior to the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee Public Hearing to underscore the urgent need for a permanent refundable child tax credit in Connecticut.

The event brought together policymakers, including Representative Anthony Nolan (New London), Representative Hilda Santiago (Meriden) and Representative Sarah Keitt (Fairfield, Trumbull), families and the Child Tax Credit Coalition to support Senate Bill 36 and House Bill 5113, which both propose a child tax credit.

"Too many Connecticut families are struggling due to the high costs of living and our upside-down tax code," explained Rep. Farrar. "Every family should be able to provide for and care for their children. A child tax credit is a proven way to reduce child poverty, strengthen our economy and create a fairer tax system.”

"Across our state, we see rises in the cost of living and the amount of residents living paycheck to paycheck or even falling behind," Rep. Nolan said. "A child tax credit would be critical for our working-class families. It would mean families no longer have to choose between paying their bills on time or buying groceries every week. This tax credit is a commonsense policy, and I thank my colleagues and all the advocacy groups fighting for this bill."

There is no doubt that a child tax credit serves as a lifeline, especially for many low-income families. This credit provides an essential boost to help break the cycle of poverty and to ensure that every child has a fair opportunity to thrive," said Rep. Santiago.

“Eleven percent of Connecticut’s children live in poverty and 39% of families cannot make ends meet —in one of the wealthiest states in the nation,” said Rep. Keitt. "We can and must do something about this. A child tax credit is one way to lift children and families out of poverty and make sure they can thrive."