Funding for Danbury PAL

June 13, 2019

State Representatives David Arconti (D-District 109), Raghib Allie-Brennan (D-District 2), Bob Godfrey (D-District 110) and Kenneth Gucker (D-District 138) lauded state funds allocated to Danbury Police Activities League (PAL) to help maintain the youth programs they offer for the next two years.

Overall funding is managed by the state’s Judicial Branch Support Services and their Youth Violence Prevention program to assist not-for-profit community serving organizations with effective services directed at local youth residing in the area.

The Danbury Police Activities League will receive a $140,000 grant.

Rep. Gucker said, “The investments we make supporting our children and youth are instrumental to their success and to the stability of our communities.  I am glad to lend my support to PAL and thank them for the work they do for our local kids.”

“I am pleased to have helped secure this grant for Danbury’s PAL so they may continue providing the vital programs they offer for our youth”, said Rep. Arconti. “Their commitment to keeping them safe, off the streets and motivated to pursue their dreams is a laudable goal and I truly appreciate their dedication.”

"Kids and cops working together make Danbury stronger and safer. Police officers inspire kids personal growth, train leaders, and teach perseverance and teamwork. I'm delighted to join in Rep. Arconti's efforts," said Rep. Godfrey.

Youth violence prevention programs focus on middle and high school age youths and provide guidance on addressing and changing behaviors that contribute to anger and conflict. Programs focus on peer-to-peer relationships to develop the interpersonal skills necessary to decrease and deescalate disagreements before they lead to violence.

“I am grateful for all the work PAL does in keeping our youth safe and am pleased to have played a role in securing this grant, so they can continue to offer youth programs for the next two years. Danbury is fortunate to have an organization like PAL that is committed to our youth’s well-being,” said Rep. Allie-Brennan.

"We are beyond grateful to Representative Arconti for the advocacy he does for PAL and the entire community. This grant will go a tremendous way to help PAL keep programs affordable and keep youth active in a safe environment as we continue to move forward. We strive to add additional programs that fill gaps in the community and this grant will make that possible," stated Danbury PAL Executive Director, Melissa Fracker.

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