Haddad Honors Students For Essay Writing

August 17, 2018

Congratulating a group of Mansfield students for their excellent work in essay writing, Rep. Gregg Haddad presents official General Assembly Citations to the students during a recent visit to the State Capitol.

“I want to congratulate all of you for the excellent essays you wrote for the ‘Ought to be a Law’ essay challenge,” Haddad said. “Your active participation in your government proves that you represent the best of what Connecticut will have to offer in the future.”

The topics students chose to write about included proposals for new regulations and laws on firearm storage, minimum wages for workers and bans on plastic bags.

“Each year I am impressed with the thoughtful effort and work displayed in this annual challenge,” Haddad said. “It is inspiring to see the enthusiasm they have. It bodes well for our future.”

Haddad sponsors the essay challenge each year for eighth graders in Mansfield. Students are asked to write an essay that makes an effective case for changing a law or enacting a new one. This year and in past years, Haddad has introduced the best ideas as bills in the General Assembly.

“They write about great ideas for the future of this state,” Haddad said.