New Art Exhibit & Passports to CT Libraries

April 3, 2024

An amazing guest, who is a Willimantic resident, joined my weekly radio show to talk about her upcoming art exhibit and her environmental work at UConn. Please look below to learn where and when you can see sculptures, paintings, and much more!

Would you like to read new books, explore amazing libraries, and potentially win a $200 gift card? The Passports to Connecticut Libraries campaign is under way! You can find the entire list of participating libraries below including a couple in the 49th district.

Here are the sections in today's email:

  • Let's Talk About It: New Art Exhibit
  • Passports to Connecticut Libraries
  • Health Equity Week
Let's Talk About It: New Art Exhibit
My co-host Dennis O’Brien and I chatted with a UConn professor on "Let's Talk About It" in a wide-ranging interview covering the need to protect our environment, mental health, education, and her upcoming art exhibit. Phoebe Godfrey teaches environmental sociology, which is a course tackling the social reasons for environmental destruction on our planet. We also talked about the need to make public transportation more convenient in order to decrease our fossil fuel consumption.
Starting this week, Godfrey will be showcasing her artwork at an exhibit at Kerri Quirk Gallery on Main Street. You’re invited to the opening reception on Thursday, April 4 from 5:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M. Godfrey’s exhibit will remain open through May 31. You can expect to see metal artwork, sculptures, and paintings.

Click on the video below to learn more about Godfrey’s exhibit, her work at UConn, her contributions to CLiCK, the Commercially Licensed Co-Operative Kitchen, and so much more.

Phoebe Godfrey discusses her art exhibit at Kerri Quirk Gallery.
Passports to Connecticut Libraries
Stop by your local library for an awesome campaign called Passport to Connecticut Libraries, which encourages everyone to read! Begin your journey by picking up a library passport at one of 150 participating libraries. Make sure to get it stamped before visiting other libraries and doing the same thing there. Each participant will receive a small gift at each new library.
The closest locations to grab your passport are:
  • Willimantic Public Library on Main Street
  • Guilford Smith Memorial Library on Main Street in South Windham
  • Mansfield Public Library on Warrenville Road

CLICK HERE for a full list of participating libraries.

The campaign runs from Monday, April 1 through Tuesday, April 30. The Connecticut Library Association will offer two adults and two children a $200 Visa gift card.

Health Equity Week
Health Equity Week is here, and we're ready to break barriers and build bridges to ensure every individual has access to quality healthcare. Join us as we advocate for fairness, justice, and inclusivity in healthcare systems worldwide. Together, we can make health equity a reality for all!

Find a schedule of events by clicking here.