32BJ McDonalds Workers

March 31, 2020

I wanted to let you know about an upcoming tele-press conference I will be participating in with Service Employees Industrial Union (SEIU), local 32BJ to urge Governor Lamont and other state elected leaders to make sure employers at our state rest stops are protecting their employees.

Service plaza workers have been raising the alarm of unacceptable working conditions at the service plazas since last August, when I joined them at the Darien Northbound service plaza over widespread violations of paid sick day laws and wage theft as employers had been paying below the state-required Standard Wage. Paid sick day violations include failing to inform workers of their rights, denying workers paid sick leave, and retaliating against workers who use their leave.

During the COVID-19 response, McDonald's workers have been designated essential employees, and continue to work at the service plazas under a state contract on property owned by the state. Workers have been asking state officials to support their demand that McDonalds, other fast food corporations, and the service plaza operator, Project Services, meet workers’ needs or face the termination of their contract with the state.

In addition to the tele-press conference, 32BJ is asking supporters to sign a petition for McDonald's and other fast food businesses to provide the wages, paid leave, and working conditions for their workers to perform their job safely.

The link for the petition is here: bit.ly/CT-Petition