Excellent Turnout For 5G Technology Forum In Stamford

January 17, 2020

We had a fantastic turnout at the 5G informational Forum at the downtown Stamford location of the Ferguson Library! More than 150 people came, State legislators, City legislators, First Selectman from Sherman, Stamford mayoral staff, Environmental Advocacy groups, News, Advocates, even AT&T was represented there.

This Forum was all about facts and science shared with us by experts, Frank Clegg (former president of Microsoft Canada), Dr Devra Davis (Epidemiologist, Founder and President of the Environmental Health Trust), Patti and Doug Wood from Environmental Grassroots Education.

It is pretty clear that the industry telecoms is ignoring Science for profit, while letting their shareholders know to expect some litigation based on harm to humans!!!!

As the intent is to have a small cell every 3 to 5 houses, near schools, near hospitals, on trains, and all this while the industry ignores very serious concerns, maybe we should really need to look at backtracking this.

Depending on the FCC standards is just not appropriate as they do not have the science that tells us there will be no irreversible damage to humans and the environment (Bees, Animals, Trees clear cutting, etc).

Express your concerns to your local and state representatives, it is as much of an urgency on the municipal and state level.

Many thanks to the public, and to Patti Wood & Doug Wood of theĀ Grassroots Environmental Education, Frank Clegg, Dr. Devra Davis of the Environmental Health Trust, The Ferguson Library, Senator Richard Blumenthal for expressing concerns in DC but also in CT recently, and all the elected officials, staff, advocates, and news media that came.