House Passes Offshore Wind

May 15, 2019

Greener days for energy production are on the horizon for Connecticut with House Bill 7156 authorizing the procurement of energy derived from offshore wind that passed the House of Representatives with a strong bipartisan vote of 134 to 10.

The passage of this legislation positions the state to grow as a leader in green energy technology and ultimately help Connecticut achieve its renewable energy goals, while also growing Connecticut’s maritime industry.

Not only will this measure make a positive impact in sparking economic growth, but it will create good-paying jobs, lower energy costs for ratepayers and promote economic development in our state. It also includes provisions to protect and minimize impacts on the environment and fisheries.

We cannot afford to further harm our marine ecosystem through construction or operational noise. We are currently in the sixth wave of massive extinctions, with 1 MILLION species expected to go extinct in only decades. We are responsible for protecting our environment, and we must do our due diligence to ensure the implementation on new technologies does not create more issues.

In addition, this legislation facilitates the recent announcement of an agreement reached by the state and its partners about a revitalization plan for an offshore wind facility for State Pier in New London.

It is a fact that offshore wind energy will grow rapidly during the next few years and what better time for our state to lay the foundation for what is to come. Several other countries have already implemented offshore wind production and it’s good to know that Connecticut is ready to join in, but we must evaluate the potential environmental impacts associated with the installation of offshore wind facilities and put pressure on the state Department of Economic and Community Development to create as many jobs as possible for Connecticut's workers.