State Re-Opening Plan, COVID-19-Related Information And More

May 1, 2020

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic and daily information on cases and outcomes, we are finally seeing some steady progress towards re-opening.

We are not out of the tunnel yet and need to ramp up on the positive testing, that also could be followed with antibodies test so we have a better understanding of the spread of the virus and better data will bring better projections.

Thanks to the social distancing measures we put in place and most everyone's cooperation and compliance, we have seen a daily decline in hospitalizations across the state.

As a result, Governor Lamont announced the state will begin a cautious, phased-in re-opening beginning on May 20th.

KEY Points that will contribute to the decision to begin opening the state:

  • A 14-day decline in hospitalizations
  • Increased testing
  • Enough contact tracing
  • Protection for those at highest risk,
  • Adequate protective equipment and hospital capacity
  • Social distancing protocols

Many of us are anxious to resume our daily activities and interacting with family and friends, however we must do so responsibly. The health and strength of our businesses and economy depends on all of us.

I will keep you updated as we make progress and more details are released by the governor's advisory group.

Stay safe and healthy!

May is Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month.

The common statistic that 1 in 4 people are coping with mental health is probably an understatement during COVID-19. Over the past 6 weeks, everyone has had their lives altered and we are all learning to cope in new ways.

This year’s May is Mental Health month shines a timely light on mental wellness. The “You Are Not Alone” campaign builds connection and increases awareness of how important connection is, especially during physical distancing. If you are struggling, or know someone who is, visit the NAMI website to learn more about the many resources available to you or someone you love. There are suggestions for coping, ways to seek support and many examples of people sharing their stories. There are confidential ways to find a shoulder to cry on. For more information please click here.​

Teacher Appreciation Week Set to Begin

Teachers continue to work as hard as ever during these trying times so it is especially fitting that May 2 is the start of teacher appreciation week. Let us take a moment to consider all they do for students and developing minds. If you personally know a teacher, please reach out and thank him or her for enriching the lives of our youths and preparing them to be fruitful contributors to a functioning society.​


The 2020 Census helps direct billions of dollars of funding for things that your community needs, including roads, Medicaid, health clinics and more. Complete the census today by clicking here.​

A Letter from the VirusFilms For Action is a wonderful resource that, according to its website, presents citizens of the world with information and perspective crucial in creating a more just society and I couldn't agree more, especially after watching this moving video "A Letter from the Virus" which alerts us to a message the virus could be sending.

Judge for yourself. I've attached the video. You can watch by clicking the image below: