Bottle Bill Law Needs Update - Not Repeal

April 18, 2017

I joined a broad group of environmental and consumer advocates at a press conference in Hartford, in support of HB 5618, a bill I am championing that would increase the handling fee for bottle redemption centers.

Redemption centers play a key role in the recycling system that has proven successful in reducing litter, creating jobs and helping the environment.

We need to tweak and update the bottle law to make it more sustainable for redemption centers to stay in business. The handling fees centers have not seen an increase in more than forty years even though energy costs have gone up and staying in business has become more difficult for them. This bottle law doesn’t need repeal, it needs to be updated. I will continue to use my voice to push for change until we make the necessary changes that will support our goal for a better and cleaner environment.

On the other hand, SB 996 must be defeated would repeal Connecticut’s 5-cent bottle deposit on bottles and cans and replace it with a non-refundable bottle tax.

Here are a few news clips from the press conference coverage: Hartford Courant, CT News Junkie, Middletown Press