Minimum Wage Increase Signed into Law

May 28, 2019

Hard-working families in Connecticut got a boost today with Gov. Lamont signing legislation to increase the state’s minimum wage.

We are finally refocusing on the workers and why they need this. Minimum wage currently is $10.10/hr and two parents working for minimum wage, the family only makes $42,016/year. They are $7,904 short of housing affordability.

Our neighboring states have a higher minimum wage: MA, $12.00/hr. and NY, $11.10/hr for instance.

Parents need this increase to afford housing and support family life without working multiple jobs.

I believe anyone working a full-time job should earn enough to support themselves and their family. This legislation is a step in the right direction.

The minimum wage in Connecticut has been $10.10 since January 1, 2017. In accordance with the legislation signed by the governor, the minimum will increase – incrementally to $15 per hour – per the following schedule:

  • $11.00 on October 1, 2019
  • $12.00 on September 1, 2020
  • $13.00 on August 1, 2021
  • $14.00 on July 1, 2022
  • $15.00 on June 1, 2023

In addition, beginning January 1, 2024, Connecticut’s minimum wage will be indexed to the employment cost index as calculated by the U.S. Department of Labor.

This is common sense legislation designed to protect low-wage earners, strengthen their economic security, increase their purchasing power and enhance the state’s economy by offering workers more spending power.