Republican budget devastating for the state

September 26, 2017

Republican legislators succeeded in passing their budget proposal in the early morning hours last Saturday. I strongly opposed this spending package and voted “No” because I believe this budget is bad for us and contradicts Connecticut’s core values.

The Republicans’ two-year $40.68 billion budget is unbalanced, relies on unrealistic savings, and contains devastating cuts to higher education. This spending package would also inflict turmoil by slashing the vital services and programs that our most vulnerable residents rely on.

Please take a moment to watch my remarks on the House floor during the debate:

Unfortunately, the bill passed on an overwhelmingly partisan vote and now heads to the Governor's desk.

Here is what the Republican budget would mean if it became law:

  • Tax increases for working families
  • Higher tuition and bigger class sizes at UConn by drastically cutting state support for our flagship university
  • Fewer workforce development programs by cutting the Department of Labor
  • More special interest money in our elections by eliminating the Citizens Election Program
  • Triple the cut to the earned income tax credit, hurting the working poor
  • Decimate the many social service, workforce development and youth services programs our residents rely on
  • Eliminate classroom funding, expertise and support for bilingual education

Thankfully the Governor has already announced he plans to veto this budget, and immediately convene bipartisan negotiations.

We need a budget that will move our state forward, not a political stunt that only has an eye on the 2018 elections.

I remain committed to working with everyone to adopt a budget that puts our state on a better and more sustainable long term path!

Thank you!