Summer safety tips

July 4, 2018

With the heat wave that has hit the state and more hot days ahead, I wanted to take a moment to encourage you to take proper safety measures during this humid and hot period and throughout the summer season. Please give special attention to the elderly, children and anyone working or enjoying the outdoors. Additionally, let's keep an eye on our pets and take them outside for short periods of time only.

I also want to remind you that there are cooling centers available that can be located by calling 2-1-1.

Taking some basic precautions will help you stay safe, avoid heat-related illnesses and feel more comfortable:

  • Slow down and avoid strenuous activity.
  • Check on those most at-risk several times a day (infants, young children and older adults).
  • Never leave children or pets alone in a closed vehicle.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Take cool showers or baths.
  • Stay indoors as much as possible and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing.
  • Find an air-conditioned shelter.

Additional safety tips and extreme heat-related information can be found on's Extreme Hot Weather Page or in 2-1-1 Extreme Heath Precautions and Safety Tips eLibrary paper.