Compo Beach and Soundview Parking Lot Updates

May 13, 2020

This Friday, May 15, the Compo Beach and Soundview parking lots will reopen. In order to avoid any confusion, the Westport Parks and Recreation Department has provided answers to frequently asked questions: 

  1. I am concerned that Parks & Recreation will run out of beach emblems before I purchase mine. Will only 50% of beach emblems be sold? NO, as in the past, the number of beach emblems for Westport and Weston residents is unlimited. If you are not planning to use the facilities immediately upon opening, there is no need to rush to purchase your beach emblem. We will not run out. The 50% pertains to the number of cars that will be allowed into the parking lots at a given time.
  2. What if I purchase my beach emblem but I do not receive it before May 15? As a result of the office being closed to the public, and not being able to purchase your emblem in person, you can use your receipt to gain entry into the lots for up to 10 days after the date of your receipt. We anticipate you should receive your emblem in the mail within that timeframe.
  3. What does 50% capacity mean? This refers to the number of cars allowed in the parking lots at any given time. For example: there are approximately 800 parking spaces between Compo Beach lots and the Soundview lot (excluding marina parking) so we will allow 400 cars at a time when utilizing 50% capacity.
  4. Once the 50% capacity of the parking lots is reached, are they closed for the day? NO. We will monitor the number of cars and after the maximum number allowed is reached, we will allow others to enter as space becomes available.
  5. Are we allowed to bring our own chairs? YES, you may bring your own chairs, blankets, towels etc. and enjoy the beach; however, you must adhere to limiting group size as required by the Governor and social distancing rules of maintaining at least 6 feet from others.
  6. Are face coverings required at the beach? Face coverings are required when not able to social distance by maintaining at least 6 feet from others who are not members of your immediate household.
  7. Is grilling allowed? NO. At this time, grills have been removed and bringing your own grill is not permitted.
  8. Are tables available at the pavilion? At this time, there are no tables available in any location in an effort to limit gatherings.
  9. Can we play games such as catch, Frisbee, corn hole etc. at the beach? NO, at this time we are not allowing this type of play in order to limit the possibility of people encroaching on others as we continue to promote social distancing.
  10. Can I bring my beach umbrella, pop up or tent? To help us safely monitor gatherings and social distancing guidelines, only umbrellas are allowed at this time. The use of pop-ups and tents smaller than 10’x10’will be re-evaluated at a later time.
  11. Will the playground and other amenities be open for use? NO. The playground, basketball courts, skate park, volleyball courts, pickleball courts, and softball field remain closed at this time.
  12. Can these restrictions change? YES, based upon guidance from the Governor, Federal, State and local authorities, as well as community compliance, restrictions may be changed.

If you haven't done so already, please click HERE to access your online account to purchase your vehicle parking emblem. Your vehicle parking emblem will be mailed to you.

If you have any additional questions, visit the Westport Parks and Rec website