State Reopening Plan

May 13, 2020

Connecticut is taking a gradual approach to reopening the state. In order to protect our most vulnerable peers, it is crucial that this is done safely and deliberately.   Next Wednesday, May 20, the first set of businesses will be allowed to reopen. They are as follows:

  • Restaurants (outdoor only, no bar areas)
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Personal services (hair)
  • Museums, Zoos (outdoor only)
  • Remaining Retail
  • Offices
  • University research

Only outdoor areas can open at this time. Indoor areas and bar areas shall remain closed. Tables must be spaced six feet apart. Employees must wear masks or cloth face coverings. 

Barber Shops and Beauty Salons
Employees and customers are both required to wear masks or  cloth face coverings. Verbal communication within 6 feet should be limited. Waiting areas must remain closed - customers shall be seen by appointment only. 

Museums and Zoos 
Museums and zoos should calculate maximum safe occupancy for each exhibit area/room to allow for social distancing between groups, and to comply with state social gathering size guidance. Establishments should display signage, floor markings and enhanced presence of attendants and other personnel to enforce such occupancy rate.

Malls and Retail Stores
Stores shall designate hours for vulnerable populations (e.g., the elderly or those with underlying health conditions). Fitting rooms will be closed. Stores will install social distancing markers to encourage customers to remain 6 feet apart.

For offices, employees are encouraged to continue to work from home whenever possible. Tenants should coordinate with building owners to ensure these rules are implemented effectively. Common areas shared between tenants are the responsibility of the landlord (e.g. lobbies, elevators, etc.), while individual tenant areas are the responsibility of the tenant (e.g. individual floors, kitchen areas, etc.)

Although we have seen a decline in hospitalizations, we still have a long way to go before life returns to normal. Following these rules and abiding by other CDC guidelines is the only way we will overcome this pandemic. For more information about the reopening plan, click here.