School Reopening Plans

June 29, 2020

The following guidelines will help protect the health of our students, teachers, and other school employees.

School districts should emphasize grouping a teacher with the same class or group of students into a cohort that functions independently as much as possible. 

Placing students in cohorts is strongly encouraged for grades K-8, and encouraged where possible for grades 9-12.

Social Distancing and Facilities
Classrooms, auditoriums, and other rooms on campus should be reconfigured to maximize social distancing.

Districts should plan for buses to run close to capacity with heightened health and safety protocols, including requiring all students and operators to wear face coverings. Districts must also develop a plan to increase social distancing measures in case of an emergency.

Face Coverings
All staff and students will be expected to wear protective face coverings or face masks that completely cover the nose and mouth when inside the school building. However, there are exceptions, such as when teachers provide instruction.

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