Update on Raymark clean-up site in Stratford

July 8, 2020

The project manager of the Raymark consolidation clean-up site has provided an update on where the project currently stands.

According to James DiLorenzo, superfund project manager for the site:

"This remedy requires the construction of a highway-style barrier and haul road prior to the movement of Raymark Waste from Ferry Creek and various properties around Stratford through the former Contract Plating property to the former ballfield located on Frog Pond Lane. The waste will be consolidated with an existing 100,000 cubic yards of Raymark Waste already buried at the ball field and covered with a permanent cap to prevent direct exposure and storm water infiltration.

Work completed week of June 22nd:

Barrier no.3 was completed. All 3 Barriers, which stretch about a ½ mile from Longbrook Avenue to Frog Pond Lane, are now complete. Backfilling, grading, landscaping and some minor fence work remains.  Zoppo has demobilized from the Site. Tantara remains to work on the haul road and oversee the landscaper.

The landscaper continued spreading and grading top soil and hydroseeding along the residential side of Barrier Barrier no. 2 (behind Clinton Ave). The landscaper continued to water the recently planted shrubs and trees along Barrier no.1 and no.2.

Work expected the week of June  29th:

The landscaper is expected to continue adding top soil and grading along Barrier no. 3. However, the installation of new plantings will be delayed until early September due to the current drought.

Tantara is expecting to bring top soil to grade the side slopes of the haul road on the former Contract Plating property.

EPA, working in conjunction with the Stratford Health Department, is now offering virtual community meetings.  The meetings are hosted on a free web platform known as “Go To Meeting” and those without a lap top or smart-phone are able to participate by telephone. The agenda is posted about a week ahead of time on the Town’s website.

The next virtual community meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 29th at 6:30pm. Please contact the health department if you need the meeting link or phone number.