Tropical Storm Isaias Update

August 7, 2020

Hoping you are all safe; I'm certain that you are all frustrated!
This storm hit Westport like a freight train -- far more destructive than anyone predicted, least of all Eversource. Now, three days after the storm, most of us are still without power.
I joined Governor Lamont, Lt. Governor Bysiewicz, Senator Blumenthal, town selectmen and other colleagues today in surveying the situation, sharing stories of hardship and good works by Westporters. Governor Lamont committed to assuring that Westport's urgent needs are addressed quickly.

No one wants to hear that their power won't be restored until next Tuesday, but the Town has intimated that will be the reality for some residents. Yes, Eversource egregiously underestimated the storm's impact and Westport was particularly hard hit.
The Town has sensibly emphasized safety first, prioritizing Make Safe tasks. But I'm as frustrated as you are about the seemingly iterative approach which has slowed restoration efforts. Having not been allowed to visit the Town's Emergency Operations Center or participate in update calls, contrary to the welcome I received in previous administrations, I'm relying on what I'm told, second or third-hand. But I'm in regular contact with Eversource and have urged them to provide requisite resources to speed restoration.

I've confirmed that the Energy and Technology Committee will be holding a hearing shortly to examine storm preparation and response, particularly the actions of Eversource. And we will consider significant reforms to the electric utility regulatory and compensation framework.