Better rail service will boost Naugatuck Valley economy

March 4, 2021

Rep. Rochelle wrote: For residents of the Naugatuck Valley, whether you ride the train or not, increased rail service will directly and positively affect your life. Increased and reliable rail service means increases in property values. It will attract potential commuters to envision our walkable city centers as their new home and developers to sites like the Ansonia Brass property and Derby’s downtown. New development brings jobs and grand list growth and helps our cities to improve residents’ amenities and lower taxes."

Waterbury line

She also is encouraged by the Governor’s budget document which states: “Beginning in FY 2023, $1,227,689 is recommended to increase the number of trains servicing the Waterbury line from 15 to 22 across weekday morning and evening peak as well as off-peak services."

In addition, Rep. Roland Lemar of New Haven, who serves as both the House Chair of the Transportation Committee and the Finance Sub-Committee chair on Transportation Bonding, stated: “The Waterbury Line has always carried the greatest potential for rapid utilization and for spurring economic growth."

Read Rep. Rochelle's full op-ed here.