Road Work Project In Greenwich

March 5, 2021

I have received countless emails and the community input was strong and singularly focused on the need for noise mitigation such as sound barriers, landscape restoration and tree/shrub planting (versus clear cutting). I heard additional comments on quiet pavement technology which I think is worth pursuing. 

This project is to be undertaken by the Connecticut Department of transportation over the upcoming five-year period.

The six-mile stretch from the New York state border to Exit 6 in Stamford will have new lane dividers installed, and 20 bridges and underpasses will be refurbished, according to the State Department of Transportation. The project will last three to four years.

The project will also undertake an extension of southbound exit 3 in Greenwich and an additional project will reduce congestion on roadways off the Arch Street intersection with I-95 in central Greenwich using more advanced light signal technology. 

The project manager said the final design would be completed by March of next year. The bidding process will commence in the summer of 2022, and construction is set to start by fall 2022. Ninety percent of the cost will be undertaken by federal funds, with 10 percent coming from the state.

Link to Project

I want to thank our First Selectman Fred Camillo, the Riverside Association, the Byram Neighborhood Association and the Greenwich Tree Conservancy for their informed and steady input so far.

In the past weeks we had a preliminary conversation with the CT DOT including Commissioner Joseph Giulietti, the project managers and our Greenwich delegation. I spoke with our First Selectman Fred again today and we are in the process of forming a committee as a working group to formulate and structure our suggestions/plan in response to the proposed $200 million infrastructure project.

It is important that we coordinate and highlight the requests of the residents of Greenwich so that we can speak with one voice and agree on one plan to address the issues that are of concern to us.

As I mentioned earlier there was significant frustration  and concern regarding excessive noise and need for mitigation (trees and sound barriers) and overly aggressive vegetation management.  Reference was made to the potential for noise reducing pavement in certain areas as well.  I am looking forward to joining a town committee and working on the execution of a plan. I think it is important that the community speaks with one voice.

Once we develop a design plan, your Representatives in Hartford will work on its  execution with the Ct DOT. As a member of the Transportation Committee, please know that I will put my efforts to work on that. Expect further updates in the following weeks.