Early Voting & No-excuse Absentee Ballots Get Backing of Elections Committee

March 9, 2021

As reported by CT NewsJunkie, "if approved by the legislature, the resolutions would send ballot questions to Connecticut voters asking for greater flexibility to change state election laws. One resolution applies to laws on no-excuse absentee voting. The other regards laws on early voting."

Absentee Voting

Rep. Matt Blumenthal, D-Stamford, said it was up to voters to decide whether the (constitutional) amendment would pass and it would be up to them whether to re-elect legislators if they ultimately voted to change election laws.

Early Voting

“What we’re really talking about is a matter of trust and who we’re asking whether we trust is the Connecticut voters. Do we trust Connecticut voters to decide whether we should have early voting?” Blumenthal said. “I think we all have to say ‘Yes. We do trust the people of Connecticut, the voters of Connecticut, to do that.’ Otherwise, I don’t know why we’re here.”