Public Health Crisis: Alzheimer's and Dementia

April 16, 2021

This week, I joined with the Alzheimer’s Advocacy Association in a discussion about the terrible impact these diseases have on the afflicted, their families, friends and caregivers.


Because I am deeply focused on raising awareness to Alzheimer’s and dementia, I have co-sponsored SB 900, An Act Increasing Funding for Aging in Place Initiatives. Simply put, the legislation would increase state support for programs and initiatives that allow our seniors to age in place at home.

Some of the bill's highlights include:

  • Increase public awareness, early detection and diagnosis
  • Build a dementia-capable workforce
  • Increase access to home and community-based services
  • Enhance the quality of care in residential settings

I’m scheduling a virtual forum sometime in June with advocates, physicians and legislators. I will keep you updated.

If you have a loved one suffering with Alzheimer's and dementia, the Alzheimer's Association website offers worthwhile information, including tips on caregiver support.