Zoning Bill Will Help Communities Better Plan for Their Future

May 24, 2021

Our Planning & Development Committee Chair Rep. Cristin McCarthy Vahey of Fairfield led the debate on House passage last week of HB 6107 which updates and expands state zoning statutes.

Zoning is regulated locally and that will remain the case. The legislation builds upon that policy by requiring training for land use commissioners, allowing accessory dwelling units in all Connecticut communities, and establishing the Commission on Connecticut’s Development and Future.

HB 6107

McCarthy Vahey says the bill will empower communities to plan for their futures, address economic development and environmental sustainability, and promote the creation of equitable and inclusive communities.

"As communities, we are connected to one another. COVID has taught us how much what happens in one place impacts another. This bill will help us understand that connection to one another and to support one another, both individually as communities and collectively as a state. And it does so while including the local voice and process," she said.

The Hartford Courant published an article on the legislation which you can read here.