House Votes to Expand Eligibility for Absentee Voting

May 25, 2021

The House of Representatives passed legislation this week to make voting more accessible and convenient for Connecticut residents. HB 6205 expands eligibility for absentee voting in a common-sense way.

Under current law, caregivers and family members of those with a disability or illness are not eligible to vote by absentee, forcing them to choose between their right to vote and caring for a loved one. HB 6205 adopts a more general standard of sickness and disability, thereby allowing caregivers and family members the opportunity to vote by absentee.
Connecticut continues to work on voter protections to make voting as easy, safe, and accessible as possible. The House also passed two resolutions focused on voting rights earlier this month: HJ 58 which calls for no-excuse absentee voting, and HJ 59 which allows for early voting.
All three of these voting reforms are awaiting further action in the Senate.
While other states are passing legislation to disenfranchise voters, Connecticut is acting to support participation in the democratic process.