Telehealth Bill Signed by Governor Lamont

May 11, 2021

I’m gratified to announce that the Governor has signed House Bill 5596  which extends telehealth services provisions for the next two years.

We all recognize that Telehealth services have proven to be critical to healthcare access during the pandemic.  Many have urged the Legislature to extend the Telehealth provisions established under the Governor’s Executive Orders.  As Chair of the Public Health Committee, I’ve pushed hard for this extension and for further consideration of how we can safely utilize these services for the elderly, the young and the isolated.

Here are some of the services that will be extended through HB 5596:

  • Allows the expanded list of providers and professionals to continue to provide  telehealth services, including:  dentists, behavioral analysists, music therapists, and physical therapists,
  • Continues to allow audio-only telehealth services in specific situations; and
  • Permits licensed providers in other states to provide telehealth services to Connecticut residents as long as they have the minimum professional liability insurance coverage.

We’re are still considering other permanent changes to our Telehealth laws, but will need cooperation from the federal government, particularly as it pertains to Medicaid reimbursements. But there’s no doubt that Telehealth will remain an essential tool for providing care in the future.  My committee is committed to exploring it further next session.
As always, I’m eager to hear from you about how Hartford can help Westport.  Please feel free to contact me with your ideas and concerns.