Early Voting Legislation

May 6, 2021

Today, the House passed by overwhelming margins a resolution seeking to amend State Constitutional limits on in-person  early voting.. Connecticut is currently one of only six states that do not allow for some form of early voting.

It’s about time!
Connecticut recently had a generally positive experience in utilizing early voting this past election as we sought to adjust to the challenges posed by the pandemic.  We had record turnout with few glitches and many voters expressed approval of the temporary change.  If there was any doubt, we’ve shown that our state is ready for early voting, just like so many other states.
Assuming that the resolution passes in the Senate, it will appear as a constitutional question on the general election ballot in 2022. This means that you, along with all other eligible voters in Connecticut, would have the final say in whether our state becomes the 45th state to allow early voting. If approved by the voters, the Legislature will debate the precise terms of early voting: how early, how many days, under what conditions.  The process of amending the Constitution means that we can’t easily determine those aspects in one act; we must amend the Constitution first, then define the specifics. Yes, I wish it were otherwise.
Today’s historic vote is part of our strong push this session to make voting more accessible, convenient and safe for all eligible voters in Connecticut.