October Brings New State Laws

October 5, 2021

These new laws are a result of the hard work of the General Assembly during the 2021 session as your representatives worked together to push for change that would benefit all Connecticut residents and help move our state forward.

Here is a selection of some of the new laws that took effect October 1:

October 1

Breastfeeding in the Workplace
Public Act No. 21-27 – Requires employers to provide a private room or location with an electrical outlet for women to express milk. Employers must also provide a refrigerated space to store the breast milk.  
The law also protects breastfeeding employees from workplace discrimination.

Marijuana and Smoking Restrictions
On October 1, a portion of PA 21-1 will go into effect.
Medical marijuana patients who are 18 years of age or older can start growing plants at home.
Smoking of any kind (tobacco, vaping, marijuana) will be prohibited within 25 feet of the any door, window, or vent intake of any building open to the public.

Pedestrian Safety  
PA 21-28 clarifies the rules for pedestrians in crosswalks
Drivers must slow down or stop if a pedestrian is in the crosswalk or indicated that they are going to cross.

Addressing Gender Discrimination
PA 21-30 – Requires employers to offer equal pay for "comparable” work regardless of gender.
Also requires employers to offer prospective applicants and employees with a scale of pay among those with similar tasks.

"Bottle Bill"
PA 21-58 - Certain retailers will be required to have at least two reverse vending machines on their premises.
It also increases the handling fee paid by the distributors to redemption centers from 2.5 cents per beverage container to 3.5 cents.

Click here for the complete list of laws that went into effect on October 1.

Your voice is an important part in the legislative process and has an impact on what new laws are considered each year, so please stay active and stay in touch with your representative.