Black History is American History

February 9, 2022

Each February during National Black History Month, House Democrats and our entire nation celebrate the achievements, accomplishments and contributions African Americans have made to this country.

President Gerald Ford made Black History Month official in 1976 as a way to highlight the countless ways African Americans have helped move our country forward in every facet of society.

To read about some of the African American firsts, from business and labor, medicine and health and more please check out this impressive list from BLACKPAST.

Black History Month

This month is also a good time to shine a light on the struggle, the injustice and systemic racism Black Americans still face today despite their achievements, accomplishments, and contributions.

"But by facing those tragedies openly and honestly and working together as one people to deliver on America’s promise of equity and dignity for all, we become a stronger Nation — a more perfect version of ourselves," President Biden said in this year's Proclamation on National Black History month.

We hope you and your family take time to celebrate Black Americans, their achievements, their culture and become familiar with their stories. Black history is American history and it has been for a very long time.