Addressing Mental Health in CT

March 4, 2022
Last Friday, the Committee on Children and the Public Health Committee held a joint Public Hearing to address the growing mental health concerns for children and families. For more than 16 hours, hundreds of you voiced your needs for comprehensive legislation like these two bills - HB 5001 and SB 2 - to protect all the kids in our state.

I want to first thank everyone who participated and submitted testimony. These bills are critical pillars in the future of our state, and your testimony have and will continue to help us navigate how to comprehensively construct this piece of legislation in a way that will save children and families.

If you weren't able to watch the public hearing, please feel free to watch it in its entirety, or sections of it below, it is 16 hours long after all!

As these bills continue to make there way through the legislative process, I will make sure to share any updates or changes with you and will also share any ways you can help provide input.

To read current highlights of HB 5001, or any of the testimony submitted in Friday's Public Hearing, please click the buttons below.

HB 5001 Highlights
HB 5001 & SB 2 Testimony

Please also remember that public hearings will remain virtual as they were last year this session. If you would like to participate in any of the final public hearings in the coming weeks, please follow the steps below.

During virtual hearings, there are three ways you can submit testimony:

  • In Writing - Use the CalendarBulletins & Agenda to find out how to submit testimony in writing before the start of the hearing. Most committees will accept written testimony via email, prior to start of the hearing. Some may also accept written testimony by mail. 
  • By Phone - If a phone number is listed on the bulletin, you may be allowed to testify by phone. Follow the instructions in the bulletin to make sure you have been authorized to testify, as well as any special instructions you might need to follow. 
  • By Video Call - Virtual Hearings are conducted via Zoom. Some committees may allow you testify by pre-registering to testify live via zoom.

For step-by-step instructions, click here. To watch any public hearing, you can stream it live on CT-N.

Upcoming Roadwork in Woodbridge

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) will be replacing traffic signals in 11 locations including Woodbridge. Work will begin on or about April 1, 2022. Expect delays Monday through Friday from 9AM - 3PM and Saturday and Sunday from 6PM - 10AM.

Lane Closure Info

  • Woodbridge (Intersection #167-211) Route 69 (Litchfield Turnpike) and Bradley Road.
Voting for our Environment
I’m proud that I received 100% rating for my voting record with CTLCV - Connecticut League of Conservation Voters environmental scorecard. Global change requires everyone do do their part to protect and preserve our precious planet!

The CTLCV is a non-partisan, statewide, nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting Connecticut’s environment by making equity, democracy, and climate action top priorities for elected leaders.

The full list of bills that were considered by the CTLCV in their grading process can be accessed alongside legislator scores on their website.

Health Insurance for Small Businesses
It’s never too late to support the people behind Connecticut’s small businesses. That’s why Access Health CT Small Business doesn’t have enrollment deadlines for group health insurance — so you can always protect your business and employees. Click here to learn more.
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