Rep. Luxenberg Achieves Perfect Score on CT League of Conservation Voters 2022 Scorecard

August 11, 2022

At a time when we are seeing more of the effects of climate change, as well as trying to reduce our reliance on non-renewable fossil fuels and reduce our carbon footprint, it is critical that we champion bold policy that advances our climate goals. That is why I'm pleased to share that I received a perfect score on my votes concerning environmental issues from the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters for their 2022 Environmental Scorecard.

The effects of climate change will have environmental, economic, and public health implications. I will continue to prioritize policy that works to mitigate climate change, preserve our natural resources, and fight for environmental justice in our communities. 

Below you will find some of the important environmental issues I am proud to have supported to receive this rating. You can also click here to read a full summary of all the 2022 Acts Affecting the Environment.

SB 4, An Act Concerning The Connecticut Clean Air Act, works to improve the quality of our air and environment by enacting the following measures:
  • Establishes funds to reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas in order to improve air quality;
  • Makes it easier for consumers to reduce their carbon footprint by increasing access to rebates and vouchers to buy electric vehicles;
  • Assists municipalities and businesses with the purchase of electric vehicle charging stations;
  • Improves air quality by reducing the allowable emissions emitted by medium and heavy-duty vehicles. 

SB 10, An Act Concerning Climate Change Mitigation, takes steps to achieve a zero-carbon energy grid by 2040. Connecticut has made progress in decarbonizing our regional electric grid, but we must fully commit to achieving our state's climate goals. Our state is not on track to meet the goals it set in the Global Warming Solutions Act, and time is running out. We are going to need much more electricity than we use now to support clean transportation, heating and cooling of buildings, and new industrial uses. 
SB 176, An Act Concerning Clean Energy Tariff Programs, takes steps to increase Connecticut's solar energy production. The success of our solar programs hinges on removing the barriers to both commercial and community solar. This bill increases the caps that currently limit the amount of electricity that shared community solar projects and commercial rooftop solar can generate. 
HJ 107, Resolution Adopting the State Plan of Conservation and Development, "Conservation and Development Policies: The Plan for Connecticut, 2018-2023," will help state agencies make decisions consistent with our state’s development and conservation goals. The legislature also passed an act specifying completion dates for the POCD’s next revision cycle, requiring OPM to submit the 2025-2030 POCD to the legislature before the 2025 legislative session begins.
HB 5506, An Act Adjusting the State Budget for the Biennium Ending June 30, 2023, includes climate change education in the Connecticut public school science curriculum. This provision will teach students the science of climate change and will help equip them with the tools needed to tackle the largest environmental problem our world faces.