Time to Invest in Our Electric Grid

November 9, 2022

In a recent opinion piece, Rep. Jonathan Steinberg of Westport says climate change has created unique challenges for maintaining a reliable electric grid, and the time to invest in the future is now.  

"As we’ve learned the hard way, each new storm presents unique challenges to maintaining electric grid reliability. And our collective frustration is compounded by one of the highest electricity rates in the nation."

Rep. Steinberg says utility company investment, with government support, in advanced technology that creates a more interactive electric grid and increases use of clean energy including electric transportation is a key part of the equation.


"We need to shift toward investments in transformative, advanced technology, which a) present customer consumption information in a way which will encourage smart energy decisions such as adopting clean energy and greater efficiency, b) provide faster utility response during outages and finally, c) help prioritize subsequent grid infrastructure investments needed to improve reliability and resiliency. All these benefits ultimately lower costs as well, which means ratepayer relief down the road!"

You can read Rep. Steinberg's entire op-ed piece here.