Appointment as House Chair of Bonding Subcommittee

December 1, 2022

It is an honor to be appointed as House Chair of the General Bonding Subcommittee of Finance, Revenue and Bonding by Speaker of the House Matt Ritter and Majority Leader Jason Rojas (D-East Hartford, Manchester). This is the first-ever appointment of a Waterbury state representative or senator as Chair of the Bonding Subcommittee.
The Bonding Subcommittee plays a vital role in Connecticut's present and future success. I appreciate the confidence that Speaker Ritter and Majority Leader Rojas have placed in me to lead this important subcommittee. I am thrilled to work directly with the Governor's Office, and the House and Senate Leadership to evaluate proposed projects and ensure bond funding is used in the most efficient and enhancing way for every community in Connecticut. 
Speaker Ritter said, "Ron will provide oversight to ensure the state is responsible with its credit card. I always say that Appropriations, Finance and Bonding make up the three pillars of the state's fiscal foundation."
Majority Leader Rojas said, “The Bonding Subcommittee has been a critical resource in Connecticut’s economic recovery and our ability to invest in education, infrastructure and community revitalization. I am excited to see Rep. Napoli assume this leadership opportunity as I have appreciated the commitment and hard work that he has exhibited over his first two terms office. Under his leadership the committee will continue to make the thoughtful and strategic investments needed to improve the lives of Connecticut’s residents.”

Added Rep. Dorinda Borer (D-West Haven), the current subcommittee chair who has been appointed to serve as Deputy Speaker, "I am thrilled Rep. Napoli will be joining the House leadership team in this critical financial role. I am confident that he has the perfect skillset to lead bonding investments across Connecticut."  

As a lifelong resident of Waterbury this means a lot to me to be able to work for the residents of the city and across Connecticut in this fiscal leadership role.

Waterbury Mayor Neil O'Leary said, "I applaud House Speaker Matt Ritter and Majority Leader Jason Rojas's appointment of Rep. Napoli to lead the Bonding Subcommittee. Rep. Napoli works tirelessly and has demonstrated the ability to work across party lines for the benefit of Waterbury and Connecticut. Our residents should be very proud that Ron has earned the trust and respect of legislative leadership in achieving this very important position."
Said State Senator Joan Hartley (D-Waterbury, Naugatuck, and Middlebury), “I applaud the appointment of my friend and Waterbury delegation colleague, Ron Napoli, to lead the General Bonding Subcommittee. The subcommittee plays an integral role in the fiscal responsibility and community development of Connecticut, which Rep. Napoli has been a strong advocate for since his first day in office. Rep. Napoli’s diligent work on behalf of his constituents has earned this distinguished recognition of State leaders. His skillset and leadership will be an asset across our State in fostering economic growth and improving quality of life for all residents.”