Retail Cannabis Sales Begin in State

January 11, 2023

Responsible use and adherence to laws is being emphasized as state licensed cannabis retailers were allowed to begin sales to adults 21 and over on January 10.

In addition to serving the current 50,000 medical marijuana patients, the law expanding the cannabis market to the public includes important reforms addressing social equity, criminal justice, public health, and public safety.

Specifically, the law implements a comprehensive approach to promoting social equity, focused on the neighborhoods most impacted by the failed war on drugs. It provides for expungement of past cannabis-related crimes and reserves half of all cannabis business licenses for people from impacted neighborhoods. In addition, more than half of the revenue from cannabis sales will be dedicated to a new fund that will be invested in those neighborhoods.

Hundreds of jobs are expected to be created as the industry grows, including production and sales as well as opportunities in information technology and security.


State taxes on the retail sale of cannabis include the 6.35% sales tax, an additional 3% sales tax that goes to the municipality where the transaction originates as well as a THC content tax of about 10% to 15% of the final price.

To ensure the public health and safety, the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection will oversee the regulation of the cannabis market. For more information about adult-use cannabis in Connecticut, visit